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Due to the hectic schedule of the holidays, we frequently forget about our dental health in the rush of get-togethers, vacations, and festive cuisine. However, when we least expect it, oral disasters might strike due to dental neglect. By adhering to these five easy tips, you may stay smiling throughout the season and prevent uncomfortable dental issues. You don’t have to schedule an urgent dental appointment to indulge in holiday treats.

Get Any Dental Work Taken Care of Before Holiday Travel

Get a complete dental exam scheduled with an emergency dentist in Naperville before the holiday rush fills your calendar. By attending to cleanings, fillings, and brewing problems early on, you can avoid them escalating at the worst possible moment later on. If you grind your teeth during the holidays, the dentist can also fit you with a personalized mouthguard. Long-distance travel increases the likelihood of dental emergencies. By anticipating issues before they arise, your teeth will remain healthy throughout all of your vacation activities.

Be Careful With Hard Foods You Bite Into

There are temptations of crunchy, chewy delicacies at the holiday buffet. However, eating certain foods might also increase your chance of dental mishaps like chipped or damaged teeth. Eat hard foods in little, gentle portions; do not bite off the first few almonds, candy canes, or other hard delicacies. Additionally, avoid biting into corn on the cob violently. Rather than biting down, carefully remove any hard fragments you feel in your food. Using caution when consuming hard holiday meals helps prevent tooth damage.

Avoid Opening Bottles/Cans With Your Teeth

The sound of champagne corks popping heralds the start of the Christmas season, but if you try to force open bottles with your teeth, your priceless enamel will break. To prevent damaging your teeth, open any alcoholic and canned beverages with a bottle opener. Ensure friends and family know that maintaining dental health is more crucial than hastily downing a drink during the holidays, even if the bottle is adamant.

Reduce Alcohol Consumption

“Cocktail parties and toasting to the New Year with prosecco are in order this season. However, drinking too much alcohol dries out your mouth, which increases your risk of infection and gum inflammation. That creates a dry atmosphere that is ideal for bacteria. Additionally, alcohol numbs sensation, so you can bite your tongue or face while drinking and not realize how hurt you are until the numbness goes away. To maintain dental health, watch how much alcohol you drink and replace it with water when possible.

Brush Twice and Floss Daily Over Vacation Days

Holiday schedules can be hectic, so forget about routine, but don’t forget to practice good oral hygiene. When traveling, it’s crucial to continue your daily dental hygiene routine of brushing and flossing to prevent cavities and gum disease. To maintain good hygiene, include a toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss in your luggage. Throughout the holiday chaos, take care of your teeth so you can greet the New Year with a radiant smile.

Schedule Your Pre-Holiday Dental Visit

Take preventative measures this season to avoid dental mishaps that could occur during the holidays. Knowing that your teeth are well taken care of you may travel, party, and eat with peace of mind. Cheers to a joyous and well-being holiday! Before the season gets underway, discuss any unresolved tooth issues with your dentist at AY Family Dental in Naperville right away.

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