Katelyn Homer

This was by far the best health-related office visit I've ever experienced. The quality of care - both personally and professionally - was unmatched. Stephanie, one of the hygienists took so much time getting to know me as a person before and during her very thorough cleaning. She was simply wonderful! Then the dentist, Dr. Areeb Yasin, spent the first 10 minutes of our visit just learning about me as a person and sharing a bit about himself. The exam itself was very thorough with pictures and explanations of the follow-up treatment needed. On my way out, I was invited to write down what I am thankful for and vote on a pumpkin decoration contest. I left with a giant smile on my face and not just because I wanted to show off my fresh sparkling teeth! (Note: allow for two hours on your first visit) I joked I'd stop brushing just so I could return for a visit sooner 😀 Get ready to start LOVING a trip to the dentist!