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Even though a knocked-out tooth might be upsetting and unexpected, understanding how to react quickly will greatly increase the likelihood of a successful re-implantation. Whether a sports injury, an accident, or a fall caused the tooth to become loose, acting can help save the tooth and safeguard your dental health. Here Emergency Dentist in Naperville explains critical actions to take if you or someone you’re with has a knocked-out tooth –

Stay Calm and Act Quickly

Remaining calm is the first and most crucial thing to keep in mind. You’ll be able to respond quickly and efficiently if your thinking is clear. With time, there is less chance of successfully re-implanting a knocked-out tooth.

Handle the Tooth Carefully

Choose the tooth by its crown—the top portion that is often visible in the mouth—rather than by the root. The cells necessary for effective re-implantation can be harmed by touching the root.

Rinse Gently

You can gently rinse the teeth with milk or a saline solution if it’s filthy. Use bottled water instead of tap water to protect the sensitive cells in your teeth. Avoid using soap or chemicals, or scrub.

Reposition the Tooth

Reposition the tooth into its socket if at all possible. As you gently position it, ensure it is facing the appropriate direction. You can keep it in place by gently chewing down on some clean gauze or fabric.

Keep the Tooth Moist

If moving the tooth is not an option, keeping it moist is essential. Put the tooth in a glass of milk, a bottle filled with saliva, or a special solution for tooth preservation (available at pharmacies). You should never let the tooth dry out.

Seek Immediate Dental Care

Call your dentist or an emergency dental clinic within 30 minutes of the injury. They will set up an urgent appointment and offer more assistance. A successful re-implantation has a higher possibility if prompt professional treatment is provided.

Use Pain Relief and Cold Compress

Applying a cold compress and over-the-counter painkillers to the affected area can help control discomfort and reduce swelling. Do not apply the cold compress on the tooth directly.

Avoid Certain Activities

Avoid doing anything that can cause the tooth to become looser or injure the sensitive tissue around it after it has been knocked out. Avoid pain-causing items that are very hard or sticky, and keep your tongue away from the affected area.

Consider a Mouthguard for Sports

Always wear a mouthguard to prevent dental injury when engaging in sports and other high-impact activities. Your teeth are shielded by a mouthguard, which greatly lowers the possibility of teeth being knocked out.

Seek Emergency Dental Care Within Hours Of Any Trauma or Sudden Oral Pain

Even though having a tooth knocked out can be upsetting, knowing what to do right away can help you save the tooth and maintain your oral health. To reduce problems, it’s critical to seek emergency dental care within hours of any injury or unexpected oral pain. Maintain your composure, handle the tooth with care, keep it wet, and get immediate dental care. You can increase your chances of a successful re-implantation and keep your smile looking healthy by following these instructions provided by AY Family Dental in Naperville. Keep in mind that a prompt reaction can frequently result in the preservation of a natural tooth.

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