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It’s crucial to replace your dentures—whether full or partial—as soon as they start to show signs of wear, ill fit, or breakage. Your mouth naturally changes form as you age, which can lead to correctly fitting dentures becoming unpleasant or loose over time. Let’s look at some of the main indicators that it might be time to think about getting new dentures in Naperville.

What Are Dentures?

Custom-fitted, removable dentures in Naperville are used to replace lost teeth and the gum tissue around them. They are made up of a plastic foundation that holds replacement teeth in place in your mouth via suction or dental attachments. Whereas dentures are utilized when all of the teeth in the upper or lower jaw are gone, partial dentures cover the spaces left by one or more missing teeth.

Symptoms You May Need Dentures

Any of the following could indicate that you need to get new, correctly fitted dentures to replace your old ones:

You have one or more missing teeth: At that time, your mouth was measured to fit your current dentures. More natural teeth may have been removed since then, causing gaps that your previous dentures were unable to adequately replace.

You’ve had recurring toothaches: Severe discomfort from ill-fitting dentures can manifest as jaw pain, mouth ulcers, speech difficulties, and difficulty chewing. It might be time for new dentures or readjustment.

You’re experiencing bleeding or redness around the gums: There’s bleeding or redness around your gums. Inadequately fitted dentures strain on gum tissue, producing bleeding and soreness where they apply excessive pressure. That pressure is equalized for alleviation with new dentures.

You’re self-conscious about your smile: You feel uncomfortable with your smile. Old dentures may eventually have visible discoloration, warping, or fractured teeth or plastic. Replacing your dentures might improve the visual appearance of your smile if it has become noticeably older and less appealing.

You have difficulty eating or chewing: You have trouble chewing or eating. It might be challenging to bite, chew, or swallow food with old dentures due to uncomfortable gum tissue and inadequate suction. You might discover that you completely avoid specific foods. Eating is more pleasant and comfortable with newly fitted dentures.

Signs you May need new dentures –

In addition to the symptoms listed above that indicate a need for replacement, your current dentures in Naperville’s physical manifestation of the following indicators probably indicates that you should get new ones that are specially fitted to fit the condition of your mouth:

Your dentures feel loose: Old dentures feel loose and unsteady and lose their tight hold when the shape of the mouth changes. It reduces one’s ability to chew food and permits shifting, which over time speeds up the loss of bone. Dentures should fit correctly without the need for sticky adhesive cream.

Your dentures keep falling out: Inadequate fit is the direct cause of frequent sliding, particularly while eating or speaking. Custom-made dentures that fit the curves of your mouth will stay in place longer and prevent unsightly slippage.

You’re finding it difficult to speak: You are having trouble speaking since your mouth can’t move freely to pronounce words because of ill-fitting dentures. Tailored replacement dentures aid in the restoration of well-spoken speech.

You’re finding it uncomfortable to eat: Older dentures are painful to eat because of their inability to chew, the sensitivity of the gums and bones, and changes in mouth shape with time. Having them changed brings relief.

You have sores along your gum line: In your mouth, improperly fitted dentures hurt from rubbing and gouging. It is avoided with newly made, appropriately contoured dentures.

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